OHIP Billing Tip #14 - Billing at 85%


When more than one procedure is carried out by a surgeon under the same anesthetist or within 14 days during the same hospitalization for the same condition, the full benefit applies to the major procedure and 85% of the listed benefit(s) applies to the other procedure(s) performed unless otherwise stated in the Schedule of Benefits.

Users have the option to configure the multiple in the system.  Please go Settings (under username) -> Select “My Preferences” on the left menu.


Once there scroll down to “SPECIFIC TO MEDICAL DISCIPLINES”,  enter a percentage value in the "Enable Apply at X Percent" field.  Leave the value at zero (0) to disable this feature.

The user will then be able to go into their claim and click the button on the right side of the service "Apply at 85%"


 There is a video tutorial teaches you how to do this under HELP -> Advanced Tutorial -> "Surgical Feature".

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