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Hospital systems and is a hospital billing software that is fully capable of integrating with any hospital software. We have a number of healthcare organizations using our platform today. We work with each organization to determine specific needs and requirements. As such, we are a strategic partner to our customers and ally with hospitals to integrate and grow revenue into value-based models 

Here are answers to a few common questions about our service

  1. Does your billing program work with Windows or MAC? is a cloud-based platform that works with any device or operating system that has an internet connection.

  1. Can you link with our current hospital-wide scheduling software?

We have experience integrating with numerous hospital EMR technologies. We will work with your hospital's IT department to develop any customization.

  1. Can you take our existing patient data and load it into your program?

Generally speaking, yes. It depends on the previous system and its data export capabilities. We will highlight this during our discovery with you.

  1. Can you also give me an estimate of the cost?

To get a better estimate of costs please schedule a call.

Learn more about how to integrate into your organization.

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