Group v.s. Solo EDT Account


Did you reset the EDT password? 

I talked to Wawa and they don't use any of their doctors individual EDT accounts, just the group account. 

Regards, J.



If you are submitting claims as a "group", then we need the Group EDT. Otherwise, if you are submitting claims using your SOLO billing number, then we need your SOLO EDT account. You can contact the EDT helpdesk if your EDT login belongs to a group vs. solo. We do reset the password whenever we onboard a new client, and then change the password every 30 days. 


I saw that one can enter different group numbers, so I thought it would be possible to submit some ER shadow billing (25% payment) from W. using  their Bxxx group number, as well as some FFS claims. I don't know the W.'s EDT number or password. Why can't claims from one physician but different groups go through the same EDT channel? 

Regards, J.



The EDT file OUTPUT will always go to the assigned group.

As an example: if you submit Claim 1 with group ABC, it will always return to EDT group account ABC. If you submit Claim 1 with group 0000 (SOLO), it will always return to EDT group account 0000

Although you can submit in our system (under one login) groups and non-groups, it is a design flaw from the EDT routing is that how the output works. As such, if you are billing multiple groups, we will need an EDT account corresponding to each group (NOTE: Group =0000 is the SOLO designation).

Hope this makes sense.


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