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Hi there 

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly on my last query.

I wondered if you could address a concern that I have. I'd be very
interested in getting different *security levels* installed on your
program. ie the staff don't really need to see the monthly remittance
advice statements/reports. I wonder if you might have future plans to
integrate security passwords for obtaining these reports?

As well - re: report printing. I have staff cross check claims billed with
a day sheet that is kept - we're a busy office and we need to confirm that
all patients seen have been billed. You'd be amazed how many times a
billing gets missed without doing this cross check.
When choosing to print a report detailing claims for a specific date, it
would be nice to have the option to chose "all" ie claims submitted,
unsubmitted, saved.... Also of benefit would be an option to print these
claims in alphabetical order.

Thanks - just throwing out some ideas for possible future improvements.




Answer to your questions:

1) You can use our spreadsheet template to upload your claims. Request
your staff to enter all the data in the spreadsheet... only you would
upload the file, and have access to our site. This would provide the
solution you will be looking for. You can add users and restrict what their access. You can find more information here: Manage Users  

2) You can generate the claims with UNSUBMITTED, SUBMITTED, and SAVED using
the "Unprocessed Claims" report. To print alphabetically, you can export
your claims in MS Excel (Advanced Reports), and then sort/ filter

Hope this helps.

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