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I usually work with an Apple computer, but have been doing my OHIP billing with an IBM PC. As I would like to do my monthly billing via internet and use my Apple, please tell me what is involved, how much it costs, if this can be done via e-mail from my google account etc.

I am a GP psychotherapist and, therefore, only have one billing code every month and the gross income ranges between $ 15,000 and $ 17,000

Looking forward to your reply.


Thanks for your email. We are fully compatible with Apple MAC using the Safari Browser.

Your cost is 0.25% of your PAID claims, up to $600 / calendar year. Find more information about our OHIP medical billing software pricing

We offer a free-trial period of $15K of your first paid claims (based on your billing practice, you will not pay for the 1st month of billing)... and of course, we have a full money back guaranteed for the first 60 days.

Try our "demo" account you will get a feel for the User Interface.
Login: demo.october

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Thanks for the reply,
I don't have Safari any more but use FireFox. Do I need to install Safari?

Not at all. It works with Mozilla Firefox and Chrome as well.

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