Medical Billing Software Cost (Full Service v.s. Self Service)


How much does medical billing software cost

Monthly Charge - We will automatically charge your credit card on the 21st of each month.

$600 Max Per Year - We base our charges on a calendar year (Jan - Dec). Once you have reached  $600 in fees (before taxes), you will not have charges from us until the new calendar year (ie. in January).

MDBilling Fees - Full Service
Our fees are charged monthly for full-service, the fees are calculated at 2.5% of paid claims or 2.0% when you submit claims through either our medical billing app, web portal, or using our Excel medical billing spreadsheet template
MDBilling Fees - Self Service
Our fees are charged monthly for self-service, the fees are calculated at 0.25% of paid claims when you submit claims through either our Mobile app or web portal. Learn more about our Free Trial Information.
Activation fees - There are no activation fees nor any other charges. We are purely "pay as you go": 0.25% of your paid claims submitted in our system, to a maximum of $600 per year.

Here you can learn more about our medical billing software price

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