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I am a physician new to Ontario hoping to utilize for my billing needs.

I recently registered and currently have a CPSO number but am awaiting my OHIP billing number.

Will I also need to register independently for MCEDT/ GoSecure before I can begin submitting my billings or is this something that you can assist with once I obtain my OHIP number?


Thank you for your email and interest in our software. You will require an
MCEDT / GoSecure account to submit your billings. However, to obtain your MCEDT/ Gosecure  account,
you will first need to obtain your billing number.

If you have already obtained your billing number, but did not receive your MCEDT/ Gosecure information, you can contact the EDT heldpesk to request for account.  They can be reached at 613-548-7981.

Please let me know which offer you are interested Self Service
(software only) or Full Service (billing agent services).... 

Best Regards,


Hi J,

I would like to pursue self service for now.

Any idea on how long the MCEDT application process takes?





It takes about 4 weeks to get the EDT account.


Once I obtain my billing number, do I have to wait until I have an MCEDT account before I can submit?

Or, can I begin submitting before the EDT account goes through?



You need to have an MCEDT account before we can transmit your claims. Of
course, you can enter the claims in our system, but they won't be uploaded
until your billing number +EDT account is ready.

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