Do I Need to Install A Software Program to use online medical billing software?


Medical billing software for Mac, Windows, iOS & Android

You don't need to install any software to use is a web-based medical billing software program, so you can log into our platform from any computer, phone, or tablet that is connected to the Internet. Our medical billing software is for Mac, iPad, Linux, or Windows. We support browsers such as Firefox, Safari, IE, and Chrome.

If you wish to bill using your iPhone or Android, you can download our OHIP billing app from your app store. Our medical billing app has an additional feature that allows you to create claims while offline. After creating a record offline, the next time you are connected to the internet your data will be synced to our servers so that claims can be submitted. This also means that your account will be matched on all devices so you can create a claim on your phone and later edit or submit the claim from your computer.

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