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Hello. I am considering trying your company. Is there an activation fee?
Are there any exceptions to the rule of max $600 per year?
Are there yearly fees?

Lastly, I have another clinic that does billing for me. If I do my own billing, will I be able to receive the other clinic submission and error reports?

Thank you.


Hello D,

There are no activation fees nor any other charges. We are purely
"pay as you go": 0.25% of your paid claims submitted in our system, to
a max of $600 per year.

We can forward you the files of the claims submitted by your other clinic.


Thank you for your response.

Few more questions...

1. If I do billing myself... Do I get MONTHLY reconcilliation reports? It states on your website that it does not... only full service offers this?



Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 17:46:18 +0000


For "self service", you can pull the reports from our menu, and save it as

For full service, we will actually download it for you, review each claim,
and provide recommendations.

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