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Good afternoon,
I am contemplating about implementing MDBilling as my billing software. I am family doctor in North York. I have several questions:
1) Is it possible to install card-reading and patient would scan their OHIP cards and all their info appear on MDBilling patient info section? Or does it have to be manually put in
2) Aside from computer and EDT access (passwords and account?) do I need anything else besides your software?

We have paper charts, and I do not want to switch to EMR system. I just need billing portion as required by Ministry of Health.
Thanks alot!


Hello S.

Thank you for your email.. answer to your questions below:

1) At this time, we do not have an ability to integrate with a card reader.
2) Correct. You do not need anything else.

Thank you for prompt reply.
Once a patient has been entered into MDBilling program once, is information stored? i.e. for easier entry next visit, or every piece of info (OHIP number, address) must be re-entered during next visit?


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The patient information is stored, so it can be easily retrieved in the future.

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