Merging OHIP Numbers From Previous Billing Program


I have an old billing program with numerous OHIP  numbers in it, is there a method to merge these numbers into your program or I have to do it manually all over again. 

Please advise.



If you can export your data to a spreadsheet, we can load it in our
system for you at no charge.

I have tried but failed to extract the information as advised. Not knowledgeable enough.
Do you have anybody who could come to my office to help me out?


Sorry to hear that you could not extract the data.... this will be
dependent on the Software Vendor you were previously using. We can
definitely try to assist, but since it is not our Software ... we will need
to rely on them on the extraction of the data.

Here are a few options:
1) You can contact the previous Software Vendor for assistance, and extract
it yourself.
2) We can come onsite at $100 charge to extract the data in Excel format.
However, we will need to verify with them that your data can be extracted
first before we can commit to this option.



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