Self Service vs Full Service


Can you answer a few questions about your services for me?

I am an older doctor who has been submitting via diskette, and I am not that
computer literate.

If I sign up for your service and do my own billing, I guess you provide
the software interface for me to fill in the patient info and services on my
computer. Then, you submit this to OHIP, and after you take a percentage
for your services, I then get paid by OHIP. Is this the case?

On the other hand, if I pay you more, I just fax the patient details and
services to you. Then you will submit this to OHIP.

Please get back to me.

Dr. A.

Hello Dr. A,

Thank you for your emai. Answer to your questions:

1) Self service. You are correct, we provide a web based software for
you to enter the data. We charge 0.25% of your PAID billings to a max
of $600/year. We send you an invoice every three months - you can pay
us by credit card.

2) Full service - we enter and reconcile your claims. We manage
rejections, call patients, etc.

If you have limited time to learn the billing process or not
interested in using a software, then option #2 is the best option for

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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