Self Service vs Full Service


What's the difference between self-service and full-service medical billing



If I sign up for your service and do my own billing, I guess you provide the software interface for me to fill in the patient info and services on my computer. Then, you submit this to OHIP, and after you take a percentage for your services, I then get paid by OHIP. Is this the case?

On the other hand, if I pay you more, I just fax the patient details and services to you. Then you will submit this to OHIP.

Please get back to me.

Dr. A.


Hello Dr. A,

1) Self-service. You are correct, we provide web-based software for you to enter the data. We charge 0.25% of your PAID billings to a max of $600 calendar year. We send you an invoice every month - you can pay us by credit card.

2) Full service - we enter and reconcile your claims. We manage rejections, call patients, etc.

If you have limited time to learn the billing process or not interested in using a software, then option #2 is the best option for you.

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