Privacy & Security Practice


We believe privacy & security is an ongoing process of a business function. Here's a summary on how we protect your patient data:

Technical data protection:

  • Our software has conducted conformance testing with MOHLTC for security and reliability.
  • Your data is hosted at Microsoft Azure, a secure and reliable data centre located in Ontario.
  • Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.
  • Your data is backed up hourly.
  • We conduct frequent vulnerability and malware scanning
  • We have implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) for our clients. How do I enable this?
  • We have implemented more granular audit logs to see who has accessed your patient records.
  • We have implemented an advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF).


  • We have updated our privacy policy and information practices.
  • All of our staff have taken privacy training.
  • We have implemented numerous internal policies, including incident and access management protocols.

3rd party assessment:
With the help of an external consultant, has completed a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) and a Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) to ensure we meet privacy laws.

Our commitment is to continue to invest in resources to ensure that we protect your patient data.


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