Success with EDT reg. Do I need to add you in?


Originally from ticket #3411.

Hi, I registered for EDT successfully. Do I need to add you in to view it or can you still submit my billings without doing that. Thanks so much.



Our system is equipped to accommodate the transition from GONET to MCEDT, so as long as you have correctly identified MDBillingCA LTD, at email address and "saved" this information, you can continue to use the program as you have been, and claims will be addressed.

To designate to Ltd, please ensure you have completed the following steps:

1) Log in to the user account with the Ministry of Health.
2) Click "Designee Maintenance (Add, Remove, Update)".
3) Enter MDBillingCA LTD (as the name), and enter (for the address).
4) click "Save" (if you do not click save, the changes will not be perpetuated into the system).
5) Log out.

Thank you.

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