District Office Confirmation/MC EDT Registration


How to confirm your OHIP district office


I just signed up for MD Billing. I was wondering how I find out the details of my District Office? I don't think I ever received any info on this.

Also, for my MC EDT account, should I use GO NET or MC EDT? Are these login details that the MOH will give me?

Dr R.


Hi Dr R.,

Thank you for your email.

1) You can confirm your district office with the MoH Registration Office with your primary/secondary practice location. They can be reached by email:

2) You are suggested to MC EDT as GoNet will be discontinued in December this year. You will need to contact the EDT helpdesk to apply for one. They can be reached at (613) 548-7981.

After finishing the MC EDT registration, please go to our portal --> EDT --> Setup, and follow the instructions. This will take you through how to login to MCEDT and designate

For more information here are the full details of the OHIP registration process.

Best regards.

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