Group and Solo OHIP Billing


How to use two OHIP billing numbers 


I am a solo physician and I recently signed a contract for an AFP (alternate funding plan). I was given a Group Number by the MoH to bill for signed patients and I will continue billing solo for patients that are outside the AFP (not signed).

I will have one EDT account. How can I submit both group and solo billings separately?



You can set up group billing in your account under Settings -> My MOH Group.

Groups have their own MCEDT/Gosecure account. This means you will have a SOLO MCEDT/Gosecure, and an MCEDT/Gosecure EDT (managed by the group administrator). If this is the case, you will need to ask the Group Administrator designate the Group MCEDT/Gosecure account to in order for you to submit group billings in order system.


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