Group and Solo OHIP Billing


How to use two OHIP billing numbers 


I am a solo physician and I recently signed a contract for an AFP (alternate funding plan). I was given a Group Number by the MoH to bill for signed patients and I will continue billing solo for patients that are outside the AFP (not signed).

I will have one EDT account. How can I submit both group and solo billings separately?



You can set up group billing in your account under Settings -> My MOH Group.

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

Groups have their own MCEDT/Go Secure account (managed by the Group Administrator), which is different from the one that associates with your personal billing number (for solo billings). You will need to request the Group Administrator to designate the Group MCEDT/Gosecure account to in order for you to submit group billings in our system.


For more information on Group billings please see article: Group Billing



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