I have a few questions about MDBilling that I was hoping you would be able  
to answer for me.

1. I understand that the monthly reports will be sent through MDBilling. Do 

you then send me a hard copy of the report or an electronic copy?

2. I am working at 2 practices -- 1 where I would do my OHIP billing through
MDBilling and the other practices bills my OHIP patients through their own
office software. I know that since I am having my reports routed to
MDBilling, all the patients (from both practices) will appear on the report
-- I just want to confirm that the patients that were billed from the other
office will appear on the OHIP report (with the patient's name and OHIP

3. If after the first month, I am having too much difficulty reconciling 

patients from the 2 practices, who do I contact to discontinue my service
with MDBillling?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Dr. S.

Answer to your questions:

1. We will obtain an electronic copy from MOH. You can then
download them in our REPORT section within our portal.
2. Only the claims you have submitted in our system will show in our
report. However, the EDT files that we will forward you will
contain the claims from the other clinic.
3. You can contact to cancel.>

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