Entering Claims While Waiting for MCEDT/Gosecure Account


Can I enter and edit claims while waiting for MCEDT / GoSecure setup?


The MoH advised it would take 3-4 weeks for me to receive my MCEDT account info. Does that mean my submission can be sent only after that happens? Can I just keep entering the claims and saving them or should I not be doing that just yet? 


You are correct. You can enter the claims in our system now, but nothing can be uploaded until your MCEDT account is setup. You should obtain an email or regular mail notification from the Ministry of Health once your MCEDT account is ready.

If you want to submit WSIB claims through our portal, you still need to wait till your MCEDT setup is complete. 

Alternatively, you may submit your WSIB claims on their portal directly.




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