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Hi, I'd appreciate it , if you could kindly send a total of paid via ohip for period of July 1 to dec 31,2012 for my tax income ?

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You can generate the payment reports in our system yourself. Please go to
the REPORTS tab.

I already saw that report . It's so confusing ! Can you help me out where I can find the payment for that 6 month period?

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I went to report tab . Then advanced reports, then MOH remittance advice , then month December 2012 , then submit, then on page 2 total paid XXX,XXX.XX, but on page 3 total paid XXX,XXX.XX? (A+B+C)-D= which one is correct?

Also, I couldn't find out where I can see the total paid from July 1 to dec 31, 2012?

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You will need to use the ADVANCED reports, then Claim Summary, and then
generate for each month (July to Dec).

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