How to verify and bill out of province health insurance?


Verification of out of province health card number


I am trying to bill a patient from New Brunswick. He has only 9 digits. I put it in and it accepted it as OHIP valid but I am not sure if that is correct.


There is no way to validate an out-of-province health card. If it is invalid, it will be rejected. Only OHIP health card number can be validated using the Health Card Validation (HCV) feature. 


Please note, out of province health card numbers doesn't have version codes. To enter out of province health card into our system please choose payment program RMB and select appropriate province. 

Example screenshot below for patient from Newfoundland province:  

Choose payment program to RMB, enter health card number and selected "NL" for Newfoundland: 

Enter patient's out of province health card number



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    The question was about billing an out of province patient, not validating their number.

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