Service Date Report For Paid/Adjusted Payment Claims


How can I see OHIP claims with an adjusted payment


I am trying to obtain accurate reports for billings for my services between service dates to report to the hospital. However, I am not finding the report to be accurate:

Example: When I go to generate a service date range report for paid claims between Feb 1 2014 and Feb 28 2014: it omits claims #1144 and #1147. However, when I check those claims individually, they state that they were paid with and adjusted payment.

Why is this happening? Why are the paid amounts of these claims being completely excluded from the service date range?



Because you selected the claim status "Paid", it will only show the claims under the status "Paid". You will need to selected the claim status "Adjusted Payment" in order to see the adjusted paid claims.

Combining two reports, you will see all the claims that are paid by the MoH.

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