Why Can't I View Reports?


Originally from ticket #1251.

I cannot view any of my reports anymore. When I click on any of the links under "Reports", the screen appears to load but nothing appears. I've never had difficulty before. When I try loading claim summary payments from previous months, I also get the same thing. I can however see it when I export it as a PDF. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks



We went into your account using the Chrome browser. I can perfectly see your report

See attached screenshot.

Please let us know how we can help.



Thank you for your help.

I've always used Internet Explorer without difficulty, until I tried this week. On Internet Explorer, it would show that it was "generating report" but then nothing would appear. I could only export.

I tried Google Chrome and it works. If I cannot use Internet Explorer, I guess I will have to use Google Chrome.




Internet Explorer is one of the most troublesome browsers for any software developer.

Thanks for the update.

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