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Billing OHIP percentage premiums

Hi MDBilling

I am having difficulty getting the chronic disease premium E078 to register when I enter it in the system. I am a Phys Med Rehab specialist (specialty code 31) seeing pts for DM complications (Dx code 250) for med assess, med reassess and complex med reassess (A311, A313, A310) so I have met all OHIP requirements to attach the chronic disease premium E078. The software will not register it saying "there is no parent code", despite when I enter it following one of the above codes for the same day as that code.

I assume there is a special technique that I am not utilizing to attach that code. Please let me know how this code is to be attached to have it recognized by the system.


Dr D


Dr D,

E078 is a percentage premium. You need to assign the E078 to a parent code.

You can watch the video tutorial under the HELP menu: "how to enter an OHIP claim" for more information.


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