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Hi.. a few questions. 

I have been using your service only for my solo (00000) billing account. I would like to start using the service for my group billings as well. I belong to an ER AFP, a FHO, and a Norther Specialist group. All of these require a different group code... I am hoping the FHO billing can continue under my solo but will have to check with MOH.
Second question is about non patient specific billing ie CME... how do I bill codes with no patient?
Third question... I need to enter a number of Q codes to roster a new nursing home I have taken over.. these are zero fee codes? Can I just run these through like a normal claim?


Answer to your questions.
1) You can definitely bill multiple groups in our system. Go to MY
PREFERENCES to setup the groups. However, you will also need to confirm if
the group billings (AFP, Northern Specialists) use a different EDT account.
If so, you will need to request the group administrator for AFP/Northern
specialists group to route your RA and Rejection files over to your own EDT
2) Can you give me examples of the codes you want to bill?
3) Can you give me examples of the Q codes you want to bill?



Sorry for delay in response...
The non pt specific codes include Q555A,Q556A etc
The pt specific zero fee codes include Q200A, Q202A, Q013A these are pt
roster codes just not sure how they work in your system...
I'm not sure if the groups can route my RA to my own EDT account but I will


All those codes are available in our system. Most of them have a $0.0
value. I've asked around in terms on "how to use" them, but nobody here is
an expert, so we rather not make any comments on the proper usage, besides
that our system supports.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.



First question would be for the non pt specific codes... if you leave the
pt field blank it gives you an error... How do you enter a code with no



I will need to escalate this with our support team.

Do you have any OMA literature on how to bill these codes? We were not
aware of this rule, so it was never implemented.



It seems that we had a solution all along. Here are the instructions:

1. Create a new patient with the health card value of 9777777779
2. Create a new claim with this patient
3. When we submit the claim to the ministry, we will exclude the patient

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