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I am an ob/gyn and have tried to bill J163 on some triage patients. I received a message that these patients need a service location indicator. (it will be HED). On the MD billing interface, I cannot find the appropriate place to enter this information. Could you please tell me how I can input this information into my claim?

Also, I tried to enter 12 as the quantity for a CS I assisted for. (the OR was around 2 hours). But the quantity got changed once I added this claim to 20. Can you please explain why this happened?

Thank you

Dr. H


Hi Dr. H,

1) You will need to enable the "Service Location Indicator" under the My Preferences tab (located under Specific To Medical Disciplines). Once enabled, revisit your claim and you will see a new field called Service Location, you can select the SLI codes then.

2) For assisting a surgery there is a base time unit that needs to be added to the surgery time unit. The service code you are billing for probably has a base time unit of 8. Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits to verify the base time unit.

Hope this helps.

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