How to Edit A Claim on the Web Portal


How to edit an OHIP medical claim on the web portal?

A claim can be edited if it is under Saved, Unsubmitted, or Rejected status. Please do the followings:

1) Go to Lookup Claims -> Select the claim accounting ID number


a. If the claim is in the Unsubmitted status that means it have yet been transmitted to the Ministry's system and still can be edited. You will need to change the status of the claim from Unsubmitted to Saved in order to edit the claim. Within the claim, click Edit Claim button on the top right corner. The claim will switch back to 'Saved' status and can be edited.

After correcting the claim, click Save or Save and Submit.

b. If the claim status is "Submitted", it means the claims have been transmitted to the Ministry's system cannot be edited or pulled back. You will need to contact the MoH (toll-free number: 1-800-262-6524) to let them know of the error.

  • If the claim is rejected, you can correct the claim and resubmit it.
  • If the claim has been processed for payment, you will have to wait until the claim is paid and then submit an RA Inquiry Form to make the corrections.


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