Using Excel Spreadsheet Claim Importer File



I'm trying to move from manually entering claims to using the importer Spreadsheet you provided, before I do that I have some questions:

- Do I have to use the Sheet provided by you, or can I use an excel sheet exported from our EMR database with all fields sorted in the same order?
- After uploading the sheet, will I be able to see the claims, their status and maybe adjust some of them same way as when submitting manually?
- How to enter a premium code and relate it to the original code?


1. In theory, you can do it... however, it is best to use our spreadsheet
(cut and paste from your EMR output). Many people miss columns/rows, and
the wrong information will be imported.
2. Absolutely. They will be set in SAVED status.
3. For fixed-price premiums, enter in the spreadsheet as usual. However,
for % premiums, you will have to go into the claim, and then attach it to a
Parent Premium.

As an way to test the system, try uploading 4 patient claims.. if there are
any mistakes, you can simply delete those records. Once you are
comfortable, you can starting uploading larger amount of claims.

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