missed E082 codes for submitted claims


Originally from ticket #1048.


I've recently submitted 5 claims on-line for services provided March 9
and 10 although that is still pending online. I forgot to add E082
codes to the A035 and A935 claims. Is there any way for me to add
these codes to those services?

Thanks for your time, it's very much appreciated.

Hi E

Have you submitted these claims already?

Yes submitted online but the status was still pending/"unsubmitted".


Hi Eric,

Since they are Unsubmitted, you can delete the claims and reenter them in
the system. You can delete them from the Lookup Claims page. Please do
this before midnight today, otherwise these claims will be sent to MOH.

If they claims are in Submitted status, you can perform the following steps
to submit the E082A:

1. Create a new claim with the same patient
2. Enter in the parent code of the E082A (i.e. A135A)
3. Enter the E082A and attach it to the parent code
4. Submit the claim
5. When you get paid for this claim, you will not get paid for the parent
as it was paid in a previous claim, but you will get paid for the E082A



I've recently submitted a series of billings and have received several
rejections for predominant reasons:
1. Version codes for 2 patients were not entered
2. Billings for patients recently seen at Trillium Health Centre rejected
due to "Error V28 - facility code is not a valid number" (facility number
3917 was used).

What can I do to resubmit these claims? Can this be done for the current
month's billings prior to March 18?

Thanks for your time, it's very much appreciated.

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