Dual Billing - Group v.s. Solo


Originally from ticket #606.

hello there,

I hope you can please help me.

How do you i bill under a group code?

eg. now part of an AFP.
So I have the same facility code 4631 but have to enter a group code.
Can I do that on the system or do I have to tell/set something up with MOH first?

i think i figured this out - added a group and now I see it's available for selection when making a new claim (beneath the referring physician line).

I just want to confirm that I can still select some claims for group and some for non-group by selecting that default group or the blank space from the drop down.

Thank you again for your help.


Yes - you can select at the claim level which one goes to a GROUP vs. SOLO. 

You have to enable "multiple group billing", and then select the group you want to bill.


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