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Those claims will get rejected sometime this week. A135 won't work for
Rheu specialists... and A485 won't work for GIM.

Once they get rejected, you can simply "archive" them.

Dr. J. is also an internist so I assume I could bill as A135A
but I don't since I have always used A485A. Given that fact, will
they still reject them?

Should I enter them for Dr. L or wait?


Quoting Support Agent <>:


Dr L is type 13... as such, the she can only bill A135. Any other code
(ex/ A485 will get rejected).

Your profile is type 48... as such, you can only bill A485. Although you
are a sub specialty of IM, you can not bill A135.
Once you have you sub specialty license, your physician 'type" changes, and
you will need to begin billing the appropriate codes as specified in the

If you billed A135 under your profile, those claims will
be rejected soon.

Hope this helps..


Quoting Support Agent <>:

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