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Originally from ticket #502.

You can have pre-populated ASA codes by using the "Favorites" feature in
our system. We have numerous Anesthetists using our system, and
particularly like this feature.

See attached screenshots and 3-steps to setup your favorite service codes.
Of course, you would enter the actual OHIP Service codes that would
represent the corresponding ASA - see screenshot.

Hope this helps..

> I have started using the software.
> As I am Anesthesiologist, I don't find any automated tabs or pull down
> menus for ASA status, premiums etc. I am just wondering if this is only
> designed for simpler billings.
> I also have an understanding that the submitted claims will be sent to
> MOHLTC by this service. Please let me know, otherwise I will have to look
> for other softwares.
> Thanks and take care

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