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How to Add Favourite Codes in

Anesthetists can have per-populated ASA codes by using the "Favourite " feature in our system. We have numerous Anesthetists using our system, and particularly like this feature.

See attached screenshots and 3-steps to setup your favorite service codes. Of course, you would enter the actual OHIP Service codes that would represent the corresponding ASA - see screenshot.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> My Favourite



Step 2: Adding Favourite CodesASA codes for anesthetists

Step 3: Go to My Preferences -> Check "Enable Favourite Service Codes" -> Save All Preferences

mceclip3.pngEnable Fav.png

You will then be able to see your favourite codes when creating a new claim.

Favourite ASA codes

In addition, you can categorize your favourite codes. Please refer to Organizing Favourite Codes for more details.



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