Anesthesia Units - Billing More than 99 Units



I am trying to enter a claim for an anesthesia service that has over 100
units (base units + time units). The software automatically change it to 99
units saying that the MOH does not allow more than 99 units. Is that true?
Because as I understand MOH will even take cases over 200 units, just that
they need a photocopy of the record if it's over 200 units.

Please let me know how I can resolve this issue.




For units over 99, you will need to create another claim with the remaining
units. Example claim #1 with 99 units, and claim #2 with 21 units (total
units =120).

Believe it or not... MoH system can only take 2 digits for the quantity.
As such, it needs to be broken into two claims.

Also - you will need to set both claims to "manual review", and as per your
email, you will need to fax your patient notes to MoH


Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify though - I still have to fax in notes to MOH even if the service is less than 200 units? I thought that's the cutoff.



Anything you set under Manual Review requires notes to be faxed. And since qty greater than 99 requires manual review....then you need to send notes. Hope this helps.... 


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