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Originally from ticket #471.

Hi, I have a few questions:

1) Do regular anesthesia services (not consults) require a diagnostic code and referring physician OHIP # (I didn't think so, but I would like to confirm)?

2) I know that MOH automatically adds the age-related extra units e.g. E018C for age >80 - I'm just wondering - when this is eligible for after-hours premium e.g. E400C, do we need to enter E018C separately or is the premium accounted for automatically.

3) I am new in practice and currently signed-up for self-service - I'm just wondering if someone could 'check over' my first group of billings at the full-service rate before I submit them.



Answer to your questions.

1) Yes. A0xx series do require them.
2) It is completely automatic by MOH. You can't add anything separate for
Anesthesia Age premiums.
3) We can absolutely help you. Your claims look good. You have applied
the E400C premiums correctly. In terms of the time units, I assume you
have calculated them correctly yourself, or used our calculator. Would you
like to submit your claims?

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