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Hi, , sorry to bother you again, i know that i'm self paid( not by billing agent) ,but i need your help ( i'm happy to pay for that).
i received an email that i have rejections, which i went to ID 17, and it was rejected bcz of 3 things (E409A, C142a, and ...) , so i was trying to see how i can fix it , which i clicked on archived and everything got gone!, so it was about 2065$ , i did reenter all claims for that pt and saved it as new ID 64,   so my question is should i resubmitted whole thing  again? do you know any number of them that i can call and get help?


No problem at all..
You can resubmit the whole claim again. What you are doing is correct.

Once a claim is rejected, the entire data is erased from MoH's record. It is typically easier just to fix the rejected claim (less typing).. but you can also Archive, and then create a new claim (with the fixes of course).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Thank you very much. I will resubmit it. I don't know why they reject it , the surgery was after 17:00 pm , so I add E409a to The S code and they said the diagnostic code for e409a is incorrect ( I put 153, for colon cancer)?



Take a look at the "rejection" code. It will give you a clue why it was rejected. Over 75% of rejections are due to incorrect patient information.

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