Unsubmitted Claim


Originally from ticket #164.


When I click on "Unsubmitted claims" it does not show any result.
But when I clicked on "Lookup Claims" there is a list with two patients and under status it says they are Unsubmitted. How can I find out if they have been submitted?

If I entered a wrong code, how do I edit it? I have watched your videos. It shows how to click on EDIT but it gives me error when I do that. Please look into my account.


Dr. T.


The Unsubmitted claims shows all the claims with the "saved" status. Only
these claims can be edited.

For claims that have the Unsubmitted Status, they can not be changed. They
are locked for transmission through EDT.

The "Edit Comments" is to add comments to the claim, not for editing it.


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