Accidental billings


Sorry for using the other email address- it was the one that A gave me to use.

Ok- I'm a little worried about this then. I don't want to be paid twice for 1 service.
Is there a number I can contact at the Ministry to advice then to not pay me? How do I go about fixing this?
Second- at the very least, do you have access to my billings to see see which 2 are duplicates? I know one was M., and I believe the second was K., but am not positive. I deleted both (only ones I did, thinking that it was gone). If I am going to contact who ever I need to contact, I should know the names.

Finally- have you received the info needed to be able to submit on my behalf yet? You mentioned something would take a few weeks? I got notice 12 days ago that my Ebox (or something) was 'successfully' changed.


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No worries.

Answer to your questions:
- One thing MOH is very good at, is not paying physicians twice!.
- In any case, please contact your local Claim Assessor. Attached is a list
of phone numbers.
- Based, on what you are mentioning, I believe your EDT Claim files are now
routed to us. I have enabled our back-end system to upload/download claims.


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