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Hello M,

In the future, if you could please send your requests to:

Answer to your questions:
1. Use "no facility". This is for any outpatient clinic.
2. If the service code you are using requires it, we will warn you, and the
Service Location Indicator field will be available for you to chose.
3. This is an advanced feature for bundling several service codes into one
process. This is an optional feature if you want to use it. You can watch
the YouTube Tutorial for more information.

Hope this helps.


On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 9:36 PM,>wrote:

> Hi J 
> I have 3 questions about submitting a claim
> 1- Facility space..would not accept eye clinic , office or other when I
> enter claims for patients I saw in my offce..what should Iput for facility!
> 2- Service location I need to put something in this space ,
> and what !
> 3- Template..what template do I select!
> Cheers

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