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I think I know what you are referring to... we do not have a feature to
insert a %. The qty is fixed as an integer.
In fact, all the billing software that I have personally seen do not have
such feature.

In practice, you can submit the full amount... MOH will then adjust it
accordingly. If you are working with other physicians, then it is the
individual that submits the claim first that would obtain 100%.

If you still want to submit a fraction of the fee value, you will manually
need to enter this in the "fee" field.

Hope this helps.


On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 6:48 PM, <> wrote:

> Yes but this is a whole different matter.
> if you refer to physician schedule of benefit, it clearly says, that
> the second and third procedure in the same operating time will only be
> paid for %85 of their total fee. for example if you do bilateral
> inguinal hernia one side is paid %100 and the other side will be paid
> %85.
> I don't think your software currently has this feature!
> I have a bit of experience in software development myself, worked as a
> developer for five years here in Canada when I first came here.
> does the unit number accept a fraction, like 0.85? if thats the case
> the problem is solved.
> if you want we can talk about it over the phone.
> F

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