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Hello M,

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Answer to your questions:
1) Yes. There is a field called "referring physician". Feel free to
peruse the Video Tutorial. It shows how to use the basics of the

2) That would be private billing. A simple MS Word invoice would do.
Our software only does OHIP billing.

3). We invoice by the usage. The more you get paid, the higher our
charges (up to $600 per annual year).

Hope this answer helps.

On 10/10/11, m <> wrote:
> Hi
> I do like the setup and the software but I do have a few questions
> 1. I get consults for patients and when billing for the consults I have
> enter the requesting doctors billing number. Is there a space for that in
> the program.
> 2. I see a fair number of Mennonites in my practice and frequently they
> not have OHIP so what is the procedure with the billing?
> 3. I recently paid $200 for a license for my present software and so am
> reluctant to shell out another $600. Would it be better to wait until the
> next billing period?
> Thanks

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