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I just have a few questions:
1. Once I join the system, will my patients be the only patients I will see
when I ³view patients² - in other words, are my patients visible to others
using the software, or only to me? Likewise, when I view reports, the only
patient claims will be mine, I assume?
2. I am assuming that ³referring physician² is a field that a specialist has
to enter from an actual referring physician?
3. Is there access to institutional numbers? I followed a link but didn¹t
find what I needed. It may be easier just to get the number from the
institution themselves.
4. For institutional numbers ­ I am not familiar with entering AT on my
former system ­ the Chronic Care, Rehab Hospital and Psych Hospital portions
of our hospital all have different institutional numbers ­ do I still need
AT or similar designation for your system?

I would like to use your system ­ and should be ready to bring my EDT number
after the next round of RA runs on my old system. Is there anything I
should know about registering to use your product that isn¹t self
explanatory by following the menues?

Thanks for your help.

Hello C.

Answer to your questions:
1. Only to yourself - both under "view patients" and reports.
2. Correct.
3. You can find the institution number from the followng site:
4. We follow the same instituitional numbers as per MOLTHC. AT is for acute
care. You can find more
institution numbers for Chronic, Rehab, etc.. in the URL above (page 5)

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