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I submitted a number of claims in April while covering a physician at a palliative care unit. When I searched the facility number it came back as 3744 (Malden Park) which I submitted under. I covered this physician again and now the claims are bouncing back as "invalid facility number." So went back to see if I did get paid for those visits back in April. They show as submitted but I can't seem to figure out if I got paid for them or not. I tried to do a Claims Paid Report using the facility number and it didn't come back with anything. Is it possible to clone all those claims and resubmit under proper facility number (which I am told is Windsor Regional Hospital Western Site 3845)



Please note that you will need to contact your claim assessor to follow up with the unpaid claim. Check with your claim assessor and see if your claims have been received by MoH before resubmitting them.

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