Adjusting Paid/Partially Paid Claims



I am doing the billing for Dr. K and I have two questions:

1. I made an inquiry to ohip and they send back my inquiry stating that they will now pay for the services.
I need to know how to process this to show payment?

2. Under submitted claims it is showing that there is an outstanding amount of xx,xxx.xx, lots of these claims have been paid or paid under a different Claim number.
Is there a way for me to rectify this and to show only my outstanding amount.



Hi S,

1. These claims will be adjusted in the next month's RA.

2. You can give me the accounting ID of the claims that have been paid so
then I will archive these claims for you.




can you please let me know how to archive these claims as it is a lot.




If these claims are "submitted" or "unsubmitted", you cannot archive them
but I can do it for you. You can send me the unprocessed claim summary
report and delete those you do NOT want me to archive.



Is there anyway you can please let me know how to archive these claims. Some are partially paid claims.

Also I made an inquiry to ohip regarding a claim, they now paid this claim but it is still showing adjusted in the system.

Can I manually mark it paid in the system.

thank you for your help.


For audit purposes, you cannot change the status of the claim if it is
paid/partially paid.


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