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When I travel from home after hours (weekend or after 5pm) to work a scheduled shift as a locum at the hospital, can I bill special visit travel premium on top of the consult and after hours premium as well?

So on weekends I can bill an extra 6 travel premiums and extra 2 for weekdays after 5pm?

Also if this is the case, I'm guessing it is too late to submit for these for my other billings in the past 6 months?





If you are travelling home to the hospital (to start your shift), then you can not bill special visit premiums. You can only bill special visit premiums when the patient's health is in "imminent decline without your treatment". We have a few physicians asking these type of questions.

See attached letter of clarification from MoH for a physician who was "soft audited" for having too many special visit premiums.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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