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Hi -

I'm a bit concerned.
Last year, when doing my taxes and trying to tally how much I was paid via
your on line billing service I simply went to 'advanced reports', pressed
'service date range' and then plugged in Jan1 to Dec 31 and did not click
an option, getting all of the claims. That was likely stupid, as I probably
paid for more than I was suppose to. This year, I am clicking claim status
'paid'. I assumed that is/was the total of the amount dropped in my
chequing account my the ministry. I'm not so sure anymore - doing it this
year, 'total submitted' if 50 grand difference from paid and I don't get
rejected often. Moreover, when I go and cheque the same time period but
chose 'adjusted payment' as the claim status, those same names don't show
up under the group of claim status 'paid'.

Another thing, when I go to the Basic Summary reports and look by month, I 

see these 'accounting' fees. Is that at your end or at the ministry level?

Thanks so much in advance, 

Dear Dr. A:,

Thanks for your email. I am having a bit of trouble following your email,
but I believe you are trying to analyze the services you have conducted for
the current calendar year (year to date), so that you can reconcile against
your payment records, AND file your taxes. If this is correct, below is my

If you are trying to reconcile your bank payments, the best way is to run
the following reports in the following order:
1) Service Date - This is to check if you have entered the patient claim in
our system. But don't look at the payment status or value. Again - this is
only for the purpose to know if you have
actually entered the claim in our system.
2) Generate the CLAIMS PAYMENT report for the month(s) you want to review.
The Grand total will match against your bank deposit for that month.
3) Generate the UNPROCESSED CLAIMS report. This will show ALL your claims
that have not bee paid by MoH, which you can then utilize to follow up with
MoH as necessary.

It is very difficult (if not possible) to reconcile your payments against a
Service Date Report. The reason:
1) MoH constantly makes adjustments to older claims. You may bill and get
paid on a claim in Dec 2012, but MoH may retroactively adjust the claim in
February 2013.
2) In addition, there are occasional that claims don't get paid until
several months later (ie/ let say you work at St. Mikes, you will have
numerous patients without valid health card, and you probably won't be able
to obtain a valid health card for 3-6 months), in addition, you will also
notice occasional delays by MoH as some claims may require medical

Overall, for the purpose for filing your 2012 Taxes, run the following
Jan 2012
Feb 2012
... until Dec 2012.
Use the "GRAND TOTAL" as the final figure, as it will match your bank
deposit records.

Note: all most all accountants who perform taxes for physicians use the
broad approach of "one-month behind from payment" for revenue recognition
purposes, so you may want to generate the January 2013 Claims Payment
report, which represents services rendered in Dec 2012.

To answer your final question: "Accounting Transactions" are added by MoH.

Please let me know if you have any further questions... we can chat live
over the phone if necessary.

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