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I am a customer of MD billing, and I recently contacted you about the fact
that my submitted claims were taking a while to go through (it was my first
submission -- see emails below). Since then, I did provide you with an EDT
login/password, but I see that the status of my claims is still 'submitted'
although it's been a few weeks. I just wanted to make sure everything works
-- when can I expect these claims to be processed and to receive payment?

Thanks very much,

> Great! Thanks very much! 


When did you submit your claims (ie/ you clicked "save and submit").

Claims submitted on or before the 18th are paid next month by the 15th.
You can find more information in our FAQ (HELP --> FAQ)


- What are the submission deadlines? <#claim_submission_deadline>
- How often are my files uploaded to the
- How do I know my claim was submitted? <#claim_submission_submitted>
- When do I expect to receive claim
- My claims are not showing (full service / billing agent


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