"No Show"


Originally from ticket #741.

Dear MD Billing:

I am wondering what you might suggest, if one wanted to invoice a patient
who has OHIP. For instance, if an OHIP patient does not show up for their
appointment and my office had a $50 charge, could I use MDBILLING to create
a PRV claim/pdf invoice for this patient?

I suppose I would have to create a new patient with the same name but
register them as PRV?
Or perhaps could I create a new PRV patient with the name NO SHOW (for
instance) and just use that every time I want to create a standard invoice
regardless of who the patient is?

Thanks as always,


A, Either one works.. however, for the patient, he/she will prefer having 

their name on the invoice. If they are planning to use your invoice for
tax deductions, they will need to have their name on the invoice.

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