Age Premiums Payment


How can I check if age premiums are paid correctly?


I still am unclear as to how to account for age premiums. They are captured automatically and therefore negated if I submit them on my bill. But how do I know they were paid appropriately, including the addition of after hour premiums to them?


You would bill the age premiums as usual, but MoH won't pay for them in the actual claim. You will then see an accounting transaction (near the bottom of our RA report) with the sum of all the age premiums. You would have to add all your age premiums manually and see if it matches the positive accounting transaction they provide you.


The accounting transactions are found at the end of your RA report (screenshot below): 

Accounting Transactions from OHIP

To access your monthly payment report (RA), when you log in to your account please go to REPORTS & FORMS --> BASIC REPORTS ---> Claims Payment Summary and generate the current month report (screenshot below)
Basic reports menu

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