OHIP Payment Summary Information


Is it possible to view claim data submitted by a clinic outside of MDBilling?


I work at 2 places where one office bills my OHIP patients for me and at the other office I use your software to bill my OHIP Patients. I know that I can look up which patients I am getting payments for that have been submitted through mdbilling, however, I am trying to find out how I can generate a report or get a list of the patients from the other office that I will be getting paid from OHIP this month. The other office used to give me a list of the patient's name and OHIP number and amount paid. Can you please let me know how to get a list of ALL the patients that I will be receiving payment for this month (patients that I billed using mdbilling and the other office's patients). Does the MOH send you a summary letter breaking down all the payments (listing the patient's health card number and the amount)?


We can only provide patient and claim information for the claims you have submitted in our system. You will need to contact the Clinic to provide you with the names/claim/amount information directly from them. In reverse, the Clinic would "not" be able to provide patient and claim information on the items you enter through

You can check the reports section on our site. They can provide very detailed claim information, again, only for the items you entered in our system.


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