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Answer to your questions:
1) If it is a few pennies, it could be a rounding. We have seen in this in
the past. If it is a few hundreds, best bet is to contact your local Claim

2) This is more of a billing practice question. You can not bill a Cxxx
with special visit premiums. Here is the fast and hard rule:
Axxx + Kxxx for OUTpatient assessment/consult + special visit
Axxx + Cxxx for Inpatient assessment/consult + special visit

On Sat, Oct 15, 2011 at 11:08 AM,> wrote:

> Hey J,
> a few questions.
> I'm looking back at a lot of my payments and I almost always have adjusted
> payments when ever premiums are concerned such as e400c & e401c. Often it is
> just a few pennies but some time it's a few hundred and I need to look into
> it to see what I've done wrong.
> Can you tell me why it's off by a few pennies often?
> As well I assume my consults such as a105a/c105a/c215a don't apply for the
> above premiums or a return trip to the hospital? I was turned down for a
> c999c for an ICU consult that I billed as a c015a, should I use another code
> when it's not Anesthesia? Should I use e409a or e410a for these so it's not
> attached to Anesthesia?
> Thanks for you help,

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