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Dear A,

There is no RA number for rejected claims. Only for claims that have been
processed successfully with the Ministry of Health (ie/ Claims with status
"Paid" or "Adjusted Payment").

When claims are rejected, they never reach the MOH processing system, so an
RA Claim Number is never issued.

If you are looking for the RA Number for Paid/Adjusted Payment, you can
click on the claim, and it will be under the TOTAL PAYMENT line.

Hope this helps.

On Sun, Sep 18, 2011 at 1:23 PM,> wrote:

> Hey 
> You sent an email out on June 1 regarding the RA number now being available
> for rejected claims, but I don't see it any more. I need to submit a few
> rejections for RA inquiries and they ask for the number. Thanks,

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